Sunday, 23 August 2009

hari ini.sekarang

today, 2nd Ramadhan 1430H, i start to write again, ive quit writing since few months ago due to certain difficulities, which have been solved.

my emotions have not been stable lately, since last month to be exact, a period where there was a lot of road, junctions, choices, and decision. i keep on delaying it, my decisions, because im afraid of losing, im afraid to lose my status quo, because im comfortable now.

during Ramadhan last year i almost lost my life due to dengue, for a week i suffered, and was warded for another week. i hope this year it will be smoother for me. i have made a promis to myself that i will keep a clean sheet this year. i failed to do so since 2000 i guess. its a good start for me. well, everybody changes, this is my evolution. my renaissance.

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akuduniaku said...

well then bro...take care..

happy fasting k =)