Saturday, 29 August 2009


I can't even remember since when, all i know, the only singer that i can remember during my childhood was him, i used to impersonate him, his style, some of them still exist with me now, you just have to focus. :D

I learned moonwalk on my own, my all time favourite was " Earth Song ", an early exposure for me, which makes me who i am today, and my passion towards Global Warming, War and Peace, Racial Discrimination, HIStory and damned Politics, etc

I would go gaga when tv2 shows his video clip, most noticeably "earth song" & "black and white", i would do moonwalk and show off in front of my friends, i never love any singer as much as love him, that was years ago, growing up older, i start to listen to various music genre, i still listen to his song, including Jackson's 5, most noticeably, "I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Clause" & "ABC 123". i told a friend once, i don't go gaga over to Pop, unless its Michael.

I can't do Moonwalk anymore neither listening to him for quite a long time, only occasionally on other people's playlist, since my harddisc melted. i've all his album since Thriller to Invincible. I still love him though, I went gaga again when i heard about This Is It, too bad, its over now, i'll never see him again, he wen't away on June 25 2009.

He supposed to turn 51 today, on August 29 2009

Michael, for for every dance that entertained me, for every song that inspired me, for every action that taught me, for everything that u've made me, I thank you.

GOD Bless You, Michael.

Rest In Peace

Michael Joseph Jackson
(29 Aug 1958 - 25 June 2009)


dumaji said...

gaga gaga!hahaha


i can see the L.O.V.E