Thursday, 17 May 2012

....... how?

there are times in our life that we had to make a major decision drastically, on April 22 2012, I read that Fahmi Reza and Umar was arrested, I suddenly pack my things and leave for Dataran Merdeka. I never knew both them before, but I did saw fahmi in the #occupyodataran camp, when I went there to 'observe and understand' them earlier on Saturday. come to think of it, I might also have watched fahmi's 10 tahun sebelum Merdeka.

Its weird right? to just make a sudden call over to complete strangers, it might not be weird if u're a Bersih 3.0 /#mansuhPTPTN Supporter or a BA (PKR,PAS, DAP and others) member, but I'm neither, technically, on paper, I'm an UMNO member, I'm also influenced by socialism,  because one of the books that I've read was actually writer by Kassim Ahmad the ex-leader of PSRM (Parti Sosialis Rakyat Malaysia), but for me I'm an open book, I'm ready for discussion, I'm not the "this is my ideology/what I believe in, either you're with me or you're my enemy" type, it have become a Malaysian trait, the defensiveness, kau sorang je yang betul attitude, a bigot.

one sided communication have become a norm, especially among politicians, semua boleh nampak tu, its for everyone to see, that is why bit by bit, I'm slowly losing my faith towards Political Parties, both
sides pun sama je. there are is no room for Q & A. All they want is actually a civil obedience, nak jadi raja dunia. but not all are like that.

let me tell you a short story, how do I got involved? why do I wanted to become an activist? simple answer, my dad, the only person I knew who is heavily involved in politics yet still uncorrupted. he was a teacher, a strict one, and they used to hold teachers in high regards, but that was so yesterday la, no one cares now, abah has a lot of connections to, so he helped a lot of villagers, ejas tu, ejas ni, anak nak masuk u, anak nak jadi cikgu, one time siap jadi penjamin beli van for someone, and the person didn't pay for it, and abah got blacklisted, had to pay for the van, to that extent! tapi aku xpernah dengar abah mengeluh, aku xpernah dengar abah menyesal, aku xpernah tengok abah gives up, my mom said, if abah didn't get involve in politics, family kitorang dah kaya, I don't really know the meaning, maybe because abah prefers to use his own money to help the villagers rather than asking from "sponsors", abah never used his connections to get contracts, never did he use it to gain a political mileage. Abah constantly argue with his political leaders if he thinks that something is not right. and abah do believe in the merge between Umno and Pas is good. for me abah is more than just a politician, abah is an activist, someone who wanted to help people, he is a regular in  Sinar Harian Kelantan, and for the first time, was covered by  NST online, doing what he believes in... I know abah is not corrupted, so his fight is genuine

but that is my dad, I'm a complete different person, even if i grew up watching him, wanted to be an activist like him, my course trough life is different, the way i look at things, the way i think, are different....